The Energi Coast offshore wind cluster is made up of more than 400 regional businesses and stakeholder organisations involved in offshore wind.

The industry group made up of 35 business and organisations leads the ways in driving the cluster forward, ensures it has a strong robust strategy in place and is at the forefront of industry developments.

The role of Energi Coast is to showcase the vast offshore wind supply chain capabilities in North East England, to promote the region as a centre of excellence and a key hub for servicing both the UK and International offshore wind markets.

The industry group is made up of Developers, Ports, Supply Chain, Skills & Academia, Innovation & Research Organisations and the two Local Enterprise Partnerships, bringing together all relevant stakeholders to work together for the benefit of the sector.

Innovation and skills are a key focus for the cluster, with each having its own dedicated working group.

Each Energi Coast Industry Group participant acts as a regional Ambassador for offshore wind and is committed to ensuring the cluster has a strong voice to represent the supply chain and this vibrant industry which has huge economic and social benefit for North East England.

NOF owns and operates Energi Coast and provides resource to run the cluster on a day-to-day basis and to develop and deliver its programme of events and promotional campaigns.


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